The dive day turned out to be a challenge from several angles not at all expected by the divers. All was just late enough for us to have one and only chance for a dive. And a special bonus to make things a bit more dramatic, there is no UW escort from safety divers and the line is not marked as we requested and agreed. Sadly, the only consistency remaining is that everything can be compromised, so we pretend to be unsurprised and play along. The first one to be put on thin ice under ice is Vitomir, and after getting a bit lost and missing a few holes, gets out at point 75m(maybe, who knows), ruining his attempt. In hurry, Vitomir jumps in a hole at point 90 as safety diver to wait for the second attempt, and Lidija Lijić starts her dive, finding a way to navigate a very misplaced rope, and easily ticks her mark at 123m(maybe, who knows). Great performance by Lidija and a new WR, as far as we know. Under circumstances, we should count this as 200m dive. The time remaining we use for the last and most complexed discipline of the day, the tandem dive. In general chaos and hurry, the divers don’t manage to sync their packing, and start out to the darkness where they coordinate their speed quite well, but play it safe and get out at point 50m. If this gets accepted in our request as a new GWR category, this will be the first and unofficial record. Being too busy walking our lives on the line, we didn’t even realize that our trusted crew didn’t manage to make a single video from the attempts. This is quite problematic when applying for a new Guinness title. Well, at least we can find ourselves lucky to still be able to dive, and try again soon, after adjusting a few minor setbacks from this project. If you are to learn from mistakes, consider us experts.