So the time has come for a new adventure. This time we’re taking freediving into extreme altitude. Why not combine our vertical passions, the one of mountains, and the one of the deep blue into one project. This one is about taking on the highest altitude freedive, an unofficial record at around 5k meters and around 2 min static. Piece of cake on the paper, but let’s just wait and see.

So the diving crew is Breathless team Lidija and Vito, supported by doc Viktor Ivaniš, who will do the math behind the scenes and try to scope out interesting facts about changes that occur in the human body while climbing up and holding breath in a place with deprived oxygen. If we succeed, we will be a part of a research case study. Behind the camera will be Vladimir Šoić, and our chief negotiator, fluent in practically all languages known today is Marino Petretić.

We decided to take this to the Himalayas, and the target lake is a bit north east of the Annapurna massif, with beautiful views and chilling temperatures. This is why we will again have the Subcraft 3mm suits to keep us warm. Timekeeping in the dive is done by Oris automatic pro diver’s watches, the main sponsor of the event. We will also get a chance to test the Evolveo smartphones, allegedly capable of putting up with extreme cold, dust and water exposure. We will surely put this to the test.

Counting last days to departure, so stick around, there is news from the top of the world just around the corner!