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#naturallyme by Studena

An amazing opportunity for rewarding originality, creativity, individuality and naturalism came to us through partnership with Studena, where Vitomir is one of the ambassadors for their #prirodnoja (#naturallyme) campaign. In the year 2018 we seek out role models of the community being as natural as possible and proud of it. We can check out how this goes on the official website and on Vitomir’s SM pages, and maybe you just might have somebody you would like to suggest as a role model… Stay tuned for inspiration!

We did it!

We made the longest STA freedive at the extreme altitude of around 4720m. With times 2:21(Lidija) and 3:28(Vitomir) they count as WR times. But it didn’t all start all shiny and peachy. Arriving at Manang made us feel lucky to be alive. Calling the way “road” would be definitely overusing the term, as this would much closer be described as UIAA class II route. We had a good vehicle, and after roughly 9 hours of bruising and motion sickness we first busted a cooler pipe, which we managed to patch…

Nepal – here we are

And so we land into Nepal. Greeted by our good friend Anup, the place seems like a home away from home. Getting stuck in traffic and moving 300 meters an hour is a pretty good reality check and a reminder we are not home and this is a place to practice inner serenity and tolerance. Not as much hard core as India in terms of being late, but well ahead of our standards, we end up wasting a few extra days just on travel and bureaucracy. After all is said…

Himalaya 2017 – extreme altitude freedive

So the time has come for a new adventure. This time we’re taking freediving into extreme altitude. Why not combine our vertical passions, the one of mountains, and the one of the deep blue into one project. This one is about taking on the highest altitude freedive, an unofficial record at around 5k meters and around 2 min static. Piece of cake on the paper, but let’s just wait and see. So the diving crew is Breathless team Lidija and Vito, supported by doc Viktor Ivaniš, who will do the…

European depth championship / Kas Turkey / October 2017

And so the long awaited Europeans in depth arrived. By default our national association was late with applications and our faith was uncertain till the last minute. In the end they actually pulled it off and almost sent the whole team. This is an amazing achievement, even though this is their only focus and business target of the year, because on the pool champs they managed to miss the application, flights, budget, team… But divers are not the ones to hold a grudge so we did great and made them…

Palmižana courses

The best things in life leave you breathless, right? Experiencing the sea should be one of them and there is no better way to immerse yourself into the endless blue than freediving. Learn freediving from the world champion Lidija Lijic in a unique scenario, while enjoying your stay in the beautiful Meneghello Art Resort on Palmižana, the island of Saint Klement. The 6-day freediving course will take you from a novice to an internationally SSI certified level 2 freediver. You will master proper breathing and breath holding techniques, relaxing techniques,…

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