The records will be attempted by Lidija Lijić (, multiple world record holder, European and World freediving champion and Vitomir Maričić (, a versatile athlete whose last years have been marked with global extreme sport and adventurous projects. Preparation of this project is highly complex and uncertain due to the virtual impossibility to simulate external conditions during the attempt. This will be the first under ice experience for both divers. Freediving is distinct for the fact that the dive is done in a “single breath”, which creates a great psychophysical stress to the organism, and is therefore considered one of the most extreme sport ventures. Freediving under ice is moreover strenuous for the confined space, darkness, extremely low temperature (meaning rapid loss of energy) and the inability to surface at any time. This all together produces even higher mental fatigue and psychic pressure, along with actual menace in the case of misfortune.

However, with proper education, experience and safety precautions, this will be a safe and breathless experience.

See you in the darkness.