The project is conceived as an attempt to break several world records, and verify existing “wild” demonstration records as new records. We are pending authorization for 3 categories and have been approved to break 3 categories by Guinness  – a global record keeping agency.

The disciplines are all freediving under ice under different circumstances. Bringing up details soon.

The location of the dives is conditioned with rigid propositions which, among other, require the minimum ice thickness to be 30 cm with stabile conditions. In order to meet the criteria and allow perfect photo/video conditions we have chosen Weissensee, Austria, 1.3.2017. To fulfill the strict requirements for record validation and endorsement, as well as enabling the safety of the event and producing high quality footage, the freedivers will be accompanied by technical divers of the NEMO rescue team and Media team composed of Damir Zurub, Marjan Radović and Tomislav Rataj. They will drill the holes, mark the connecting horizontal ropes used to orientate the divers, deal with other necessary prearrangements and record high quality material.