Well, it did turn out that under ice environment was the only peaceful place around. After arriving to the location at Weissensee and having the first contact with the world under the surface of ice, we were thrilled. Everything going smooth, visibility great, not as cold as expected and all together our hopes were high and things finally started to look good for the diving party. But, eventually, we need to get up for air, have some rest, and this is where the reality kicks in. And kicks hard. Our management, inspired by some mystical forces of the universe, had yet another brake down and decided to instantly terminate the project in the middle of the night and pull the entire crew back home, leaving the divers hanging on the shores of Weissensee. Although this seemed as something virtually impossible, even for these new standards of reality we had to grow accustom to, we had to deal with this challenge. It seemed things around are as twisted as they can be, but after eventually being picked up by the Godfather and brought to Croatia, things again made a new twist. After a short intervention from the Godfather, the whole thing was reassigned back to Weissensee. With our motivation underground, we decided to give it a go again, hoping once more our greatest obstacle will be the lack of oxygen and not the mercy of the universe.